Ways To Save Money On Residential Moves

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience, especially if you have lived in your current home for a long time. Apart from the planning involved in a residential move, one of the most stressful things is the high cost of moving. Here are tips to help you save money when you hire residential movers.

Identify a Strategic Time to Move

When planning a residential move, you can save money by hiring movers during the weekday versus the weekend. Other affordable times to move include off-season and mid-month.

Many homeowners prefer to move during the weekend because they are away from work and their children are at home. Weekdays are less expensive because fewer people hire movers on those days. You should also avoid the last weekend of the month since those days are the busiest and are more costly.

In most states, the time between fall and spring is also the busiest for moving. However, this depends on where you live. Therefore, take time to determine the busiest moving season. Make sure you hire a residential mover during the off-season to save money on moving costs. 

Avoid Buying Supplies

Some basic moving supplies are bubble wrap, paper, and purchasing boxes. You can minimize your moving costs by identifying free ways to obtain these items. For example, you can ask friends and neighbors who have recently moved to lend you their boxes and moving supplies. You can also visit the grocery, appliance, and furniture stores and ask if they have any leftover boxes from their deliveries.

Additionally, you should try and improvise. Items like towels, sweaters, and socks can be used to wrap glassware and protect valuables. You can also pack all things for yourself to avoid the cost of packing services.

Reduce Clutter

Another way to save money on your residential move is to eliminate excess belongings. You can either donate these items or host a garage sale. Remember, the more you have, the larger the truck you'll need. Furthermore, movers typically charge according to weight and distance. Therefore, you can expect to pay less if you have few belongings.

Moreover, a garage sale will not only help you reduce clutter, but you will also make money. This means you can use money from the garage sale to fund your move instead of relying on your income or savings.

Moving to another residence is expensive, but you can cut these high costs if you plan accordingly. Make sure you compare the quotes and services of different residential movers before settling on a choice.

For more information, contact local moving services near you.