5 Traits Of A Quality Moving Company

When hiring a moving company, you want to hire a quality company that will charge you fair prices, take care of your goods, and get your move done on time. Specific traits make a moving company stand out.

Trait #1: One Name

First, you will want to look for a moving company that does business under one name. Be wary of a moving company that seems to operate under multiple names. Companies that operate under multiple names often do so to avoid bad reviews and complaints against them.

The moving company should have the same name on their business license, insurance information, and marketing material.

Trait #2: References

Second, online reviews are great, but references are even better. See if the moving company can allow you to talk to three customers who have moved within the last three to six months with the moving company. This will provide you with recent quality feedback from customers. Be willing to serve as a reference if you like the experience with the moving company.

Trait #3: Walkthrough

Third, a great moving company will come to your home and do a walkthrough. A walkthrough will allow them to accurately see how much stuff you have to move and provide you with an accurate moving estimate based on seeing all the stuff you have. As someone who doesn't move regularly, it can be hard to know how many boxes you need to pack up or how much space you need for all your stuff.

On the other hand, a moving representative will be able to easily look at your stuff and know how much space you need and how long it will take to move your home.

Trait #4: Moving Inventory

Fourth, you want to work with a company that will create an inventory of your belongings. A moving inventory takes some time to complete but will help hold the moving company accountable for your items' safety and help ensure you are charged the right weight for moving your items.

Trait #5: No Large Deposit

Fifth, avoid any moving company that asks for a large deposit before they do any work for you. A small deposit, such as 10% of the total moving cost, is fine. When you pay for the rest of the move will depend on the type of move you are dealing with. With a long-distance move, you may not have to pay until your items are delivered. With an in-town move, you may be asked to pay the bill on the actual moving day.

If you are getting ready to move, you will want to hire a quality moving team. Look for a residential moving company that operates under one name, provides current references, completes a walkthrough, provides a detailed moving inventory, and does not ask for a large deposit.