3 Ways to Make Your Next Move More Sustainable

Moving requires the use of a lot of resources. As you get ready for your next move, there are steps you can take to make sure the process is more sustainable.

#1: Go Through Your Belongings

First, you need to go through your belongings. Go through each room of your home, take the items you don't need or use, and donate them. If they are not in good condition, recycle them, or throw them away. Always try to find a home first for items, throwing the item away being at the bottom of your list.

Getting rid of items that you don't need will allow you to use less packing supplies, take up less space when moving, and make your future home less cluttered and a more pleasant environment. If you are moving into a smaller space, you are going to want to downsize before your move so your new space isn't cluttered with things that don't fit.

#2: Be Smart with Packing Supplies

Second, be smart with packing supplies. Pick up used cardboard boxes from businesses. If you get packages shipped to you regularly, save the boxes for your move. Some moving companies also give away free used boxes for your packing needs.

When it comes to packing supplies, use household items to cushion your items. For example, don't pack up your towels, hand towels, and wash clothes into their own box. Use them to wrap up all the fragile items in your home, from kitchen supplies to decorations. You can also use things such as blankets and even pillowcases as a cushion. By using this trick, you should greatly reduce the amount of bubble wrap or packing paper you need to use, creating a more sustainable move. Remember to recycle any boxes you use at the end of your move.

#3: Hire a Green Moving Company

Finally, consider hiring a green moving company. Green moving companies often used electric vehicles for the move or use vehicles that have been set-up to use gas that is created using used cooking oils. Look for a company that tries to go green with their operations.

When it comes to planning a more sustainable move, you need to get rid of items you don't need, you need to be smart with your use of packing supplies, and you need to hire a green moving company. For more information, contact local moving companies.