DIY Moving: Follow These Tips To Avoid Injury

One simple way to save money during a move is to get a U Haul rental and pack and load your belongings yourself with the help of friends and family. While you might have carefully packed your china dishes, picture frames, and keepsakes to keep them from being damaged during the move, you might not have given much thought to preventing injury to yourself on moving day. 

Here are some basic tips for keeping yourself injury-free when you're moving by yourself with a rental, instead of relying on a professional service. 

1. Make sure you get plenty to drink.

Moving at any time of year is strenuous, and it's easy to get caught up in hauling box after box out to the vehicle without noticing how thirsty you are getting. In summer, people like to stop for a drink because it's hot and tiring, but in winter time or when the weather is cool or wet, it's a lot harder to notice when you're getting dehydrated. Make sure people stop for water breaks often during the day, and provide plenty of bottles that people can fill up at the tap when they need to. If it is hot, you might also provide some sports drinks or popsicles to help replace lost electrolytes. 

2. Wear protective gear. 

You'll want to make sure everyone helping as a pair of sturdy gloves to help with gripping boxes and furniture. Gloves help to protect fingers from getting smashed. If it's winter time, you should also provide ear protection for helpers to keep people from getting cold as they walk in and out of the house. Finally, don't allow anyone who is working with your to wear open toes shoes or sandals. Closed toe, supportive shoes are desirable, but work boots with reinforced toe protection are ideal. They provide grip and should you drop a heavy item, your feet won't get injured. 

3. Provide proper lifting assistance.

Just because you aren't professionals, doesn't mean you can't use equipment to make things easier. Have plenty of hand trucks at the ready for heavier appliances, and consider using weight belts and wrist lifting assistance straps to help stabilize bulky items like dressers and desks as you move them onto the rental vehicle. Use your legs when lifting boxes off the ground, and never lift a box above your head; use a stool. 

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