Minimize Production Loss While Relocating Your Office To A New Building

Planning to relocate your office to a new building? Here's what you can do to minimize the loss of production among your staff during the process:

Host Preparatory Meetings

It's important to make sure that your entire staff is on the same page about the move, knows what to expect from you, and understands what is expected of them throughout the process. This can be achieved quickly by hosting a couple of preparatory meetings in the weeks leading up to your move. The first meeting should be a briefing that explains the logistics and timeline of the move. Provide a written outline of the meeting topics to each employee so they can follow along during the presentation and have something to study afterward.

The second meeting should include updates to any changes that have been made to the plans since the first meeting, and that can then be opened to your staff so they can have their specific questions and concerns addressed. This will help ensure that there isn't any confusion during your move so employees aren't distracted from their work more than absolutely necessary.

Move Your Staff in Shifts

To ensure that your entire staff isn't taken away from their work at the same time while everything is being moved from your old office to your new one, consider scheduling the move in shifts. Have one group move to the new office first while everyone else stays at work. Once the group is settled in and producing in the new place, you can move the rest of the employees in. You can schedule your movers to work in shifts to accommodate your staff in both locations. Give yourself plenty of time to get everything moved from your old office to the new one by overlapping your leases by a couple of weeks.

Schedule Overnight Transportation

If possible, have your movers transport the office equipment to its new location overnight or on the weekend when your office isn't typically open for business. This will help ensure that your staff can still work in the new or old office during the week without having to navigate around the moving crew and large objects as they're being moved out or in. The idea is that when a group of employees are moved, they should be able to leave their old office at the end of a workday and show up at the new office the next workday with everything all set up and ready for production. The seamless experience should help keep employees focused on work instead of the move. Contact a moving company like Father & Son Moving & Storage to learn more.