Let There Be Light: 5 Tips for Packing & Moving Chandeliers

The right chandelier can look breathtaking in the foyer of your home, and many homeowners have spent a lot of time to find "the one." Unfortunately, most Americans also tend to move once every 5 years, and it can be difficult to part with the chandelier at times. So, don't worry; these 5 tips will get you started and on the right path.

Remove Light Bulbs and Detachable Parts & Pack Them Separately

Light bulbs and detachable parts can easily come apart during the move, as they are particularly fragile and delicate. It's best to store them separately in labeled corrugated cardboard boxes. Remove each bulb and wrap it carefully in bubble wrap, tissue paper or newspaper. You'll also find many of the chains and candle cups are detachable. Wrap each detachable part separately as well.

If the design of your chandelier looks rather complicated and complex, you may want to stick a note on each part with details on how you removed it. This will ensure everything goes back to its rightful place.

Secure the Cords with Tie Wraps or Rubber Bands—Not Tape

The electricity cords are also prone to wear and are vulnerable to becoming damaged during the move, as they can get snagged onto hooks or become tangled. One wrong move and the cords could snap or fray. To prevent this from happening, wrap the cords around your hands and secure them with tie wraps or rubber bands.

Never wrap the cords with tape. It's a common mistake that many homeowners make. The adhesive glue on the tape could transfer onto the cords causing them to become a sticky mess.  

Pack the Chandelier Standing Upright and Fill with Packing Peanuts

Once you have everything else packed and ready to go, it's time to pack the base and foundation of the chandelier. Due to the design, the base tends to be heavier, so stand the chandelier upright in a box. Get someone else to fill in all of the gaps with packing peanuts that will absorb impact and prevent damages.

If you're really concerned about the chandelier getting scratched up, wrap the chandelier in bubble wrap before placing it in its box. You want to be particularly careful with where the different parts come together. These joints tend to be most fragile and delicate. One wrong move and you could end up snapping a part of the chandelier off.

Secure the Chandelier Using Nylon Loading Straps

The chandelier can be quite heavy, and you definitely don't want it to be tossed around in the moving truck when it comes to a turn or if it abruptly stops. Move professional moving trucks will have hooks coming out of the sides of the truck. You could tie nylon loading straps there to secure everything in place. In this situation, you want to make sure the box containing the chandelier is secure and won't budget even a bit.

Pack the Chandelier on Top of Everything Else

Because of the fragile nature of the chandelier, don't use it as a base when packing even if it may be heavy. You don't want any extra weight to come crashing down. Instead, pack the chandelier on top of everything else if possible.

You need to be extremely detail-oriented when moving a chandelier, and to be able to foresee potential dangers ahead. You'll need to use care, vigilance and the right packing materials to keep your chandeliers safe. If have don't feel like your capable of packing and moving the chandelier, you can always call a local professional moving company and get it done right.